Surrounded by nature.

The Green Sprouts experience perfectly promotes sensory child-led outdoor play, encouraging and stimulating curiosity, exploration, understanding and self-reflection – and this is true for children of all ages.

During our sessions the children and parents will start by saying hello to the ducks, hens, the beautiful rooster and the sheep. Then we will take a walk through the woodland to the Magic Glade. There we will have a snack around the camp fire, the children will be able to jump in puddles, chase butterflies and clamber over fallen branches, make mud pies and imaginative potions, smell flowers, rain and damp leaves, listen to bird songs and the wind in the trees. 

Learn a new craft or play in our woodland area and join in our weekly songs. There is no wrong way for the child to play, no toys to give up, no rush, no activity to move onto. Outside, children can’t be too noisy, too loud or move too much!

We end the session by gathering together in the circle for seasonal songs and a puppet show.

The session at Green sprouts are run by Emma McGuinness. They cost £12 per session when drop in or £9 per session when booked in a half term block. It is £5 extra per session for any siblings who are walking.

Please e-mail to book.  

What shall I bring?

  • A healthy snack to share.
  • Suitable outdoor clothing like waterproofs
  • Long trousers, long sleeved tops and sturdy shoe
  • Sling or suitable off road buggy if required to help get up the hill

The wonder of learning through nature.

We believe that the closer to nature, the happier the children will be. Free to explore natures riches, the children’ senses are heightened, which enhances their creative and imaginative play.

We know the benefits of learning in the natural environment and that children need to play, to experience space and movement and sensory stimulation for healthy development.